Zenfolio | Frank Carroll Photography | Nevada Northern Railway

Engine # 40Arriving at the depotComing out of the tunnelThe Nevada Northern RR Rotary snowplowThe Nevada Northern RR engine #40 steaming upThe old coal stoveThe Nevada Northern RR #40 steaming up getting lubedThe Nevada Northern RR Rotary plow - side viewNevada Northern #93 in the repair shopNV_Northern RY diesel engineNV_Northern RY engineer checks the steamerNV_Northern RY- steaming upNV_Northern RY checking the bearingsNV_Northern RYlubing the valve gear on #40NV_Northern RY checking another lube pointNV_Northern RYmaking sure she's ready for the morning runNV_Northern RY- pumping a hand grease gunNV_Northern RY steaming for the days runEngine #40 steamingEngine #40, steaming for a passenger run