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Steam engines, diesels, and more make up this gallery. Posted here are shots I have taken of the various railroads of the Southwest. I have included depots and other structures, plus a few buildings that are close by, but do not warrant a separate gallery.
Eureka_wDepot at Chloride, AZChloride,-AZ-depot_wChloride gas stationTrainman's shantyClark County Museum-128Kingman, AZ  ATSF DepotFlagstaff_5_2013-95Flagstaff_5_2013-30Flagstaff_5_2013-99Flagstaff_5_2013-189Ex-UP 844switch engine on the Nevada SouthernEx-UP 844 in the yardBNSF_7000_KiAZ_wUP_4014_Kelso_v01UP4014_Arrowhwad_HwyUP4014_Kelso