Zenfolio | Frank Carroll Photography | UP 4014

UP 4014, the Big Boy, as it is known by hundreds of thousands of railroaders, moved from the Los Angeles, CA area to Cheyenne, WY, it's original home, spring of 2014. I had the pleasure of chasing this 1.2 million pound behemoth from Kelso Ca, to just south of Las Vegas, NV. What a great time! Please enjoy the photos, and if you have questions, please contact me.
Servicing at KelsoCrossing over old US 91At Cima summitUP 4014 at Kelso depotUP 4014 at Kelso DepotUP 4014 at Kelso DepotUP 4014 at Cima summitUP 4014 Cima gradeUP 4014 Heading downgradeUP 4014UP 4014 consistUP 4014 heading to LasVegasUP 4014UP 4014UP 4014 at Kelso, CAUP 4014 leaving Kelso depot