Zenfolio | Frank Carroll Photography | Hoover Dam and the Tillman/O'Callaghan Bridge

The Hoover Dam, circa 1935, is one of the most important engineering marvels coming out of the depression. The Art Deco styling of the bridge, the engineering, the construction, and the number of people employed, made this one of the largest successes of that era. The bypass bridge, named for Pat Tillman and Sen Mike O'Callaghan was added after the effects of September 11, 2001, is an additional engineering marvel; standing over 900' above the Colorado River, and is the largest concrete arch bridge in North America.
Hoover Dam @ NightAZ Skewback bw 01bridge _uconstThe Tillman/O'Callaghan Memorial BridgeDam-Bridge---Night-300_1_2_3_4AutoHoover Dam at DuskHoover Dam Bridge Warm Winter EveningHoover Dam with the Shadow of the Tillman/O'Callaghan Memorial BridgeHoover Dam _Bridge Shadow_01Hoover Dam & O'Callaghan/Tillman Memorial BridgeHoover Dam_Bridge-Winter EveningHoover Dam_New BridgeIMG_0085_2Mem Bridge bw hdr_zMem Bridge hdr_zNV bridge towerNV Deck_towers_bwNV hwy deckHoover Dam and the Tillman/O'Callaghan Memorial BridgeTower Crane Hoover Dam hdr bw_z