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Living in the Southwestern USA, provides many unique opportunities for photography, and also presents many challenges. The vast majority of my photos deal with historic buildings and equipment. From ghost towns like Rhyolite, NV., to chasing trains, especially steam engines, allows me to travel and to work mostly outdoors.

Some of the challenges are the beautiful bright blue skies, and lack of clouds, Mother Nature's light modifier. There are times when I am forced to shoot into the sun because of access restrictions. Since my studio is the outdoors I also end up waiting for the sun, clouds, and the shadows created by them, before I am able to actually take the photo. Yes, I have learned patience is a virtue, as Mother Nature does provide clouds, sometimes.

I am a minimalist in the use of photo imaging software. Yes, I remove trash from the scene, there is not always time to groom the whole property. I do not add clouds, as they tend to look just a bit wrong if the shadows created are off. I do experiment with HDR photography, which will be in a separate gallery, and with an explanation of that technique.

Please enjoy my photos, and I am happy to read critiques, and I might even reply. And do post your ideas, thoughts, and critiques of my photos in the guestbook. Thank you!