Improving your photo skills - more practice.

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In practicing my avocation, or hobby to some, I find that sitting at home looking at the TV or computer screen does not improve my photo skills, neither does it help my waistline.  With warmer weather this week, I am planning more adventures outdoors, down to the park, taking the dogs to the bark park, and a bit more hiking.

What to do on this assignment:

  1. select your lens, I will use my 85mm lens;  no photos with any people in them, just the dogs at the dog park;
  2. gather your other equipment, monopod, or tripod, jacket, water, etc;
  3. at the dog park I plan on taking photos of my two Cairn terriers from ground level, so some sort of ground cover will be needed
    1. take shots of the dogs playing with other dogs
    2. get shots of them fetching toys
  4. on the trail hike I will take ten shots as I first reach the trail head (approx 30 degree turn for each photo); walk approximately 100 yards and repeat;
  5. in the park near our home I will take photos around the park, including the baseball diamond; the picnic tables and grills, the children's  play area, and the bare trees.

Save all of the photos in one file, name it assignment 1 or (date) + assignment.  Now you will go back to each of these places after the trees and bushes have started to leaf and repeat the photos you have taken on the first run of this assignment, add people if possible, but do not show faces. Make a good effort to match the photos together from the first to the second trips; study each shot, and note the differences.  You may want to write down what you see different in each shot, from the greenery, to the lighting, note the warmth or coolness of the lighting; what the addition of people adds to the scene, and whatever else you notice.

What should you notice?  This is what this assignment is all about, what you see in each shot and scene, how light, leaves on trees, and people make the second set of photos different.  This also helps you as a photographer to SEE  what is in the scenes you take.

Note:  You might want to take a plastic garbage bag along to remove some of the visible trash so you photos will look neater.


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