Improving your Photography

February 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Now that you have your basic photography gear, and you have read your camera manual from cover to cover, and studied the camera functions, we will move to the next steps.  One must practice their hobby just as they would a new vocation, and put in plenty of practice; very few people sit down at a piano for the first time and play Rachmaninoff's Variations on a theme, it takes years of practice.

What should you practice, and how?

  1. Decide what you feel your favorite subject(s) are, note them down;
  2. develop a training schedule, you might take three days per week, or so many hours per day and take photos of one of your subjects from point one; use only shutter speed and aperture value to obtain proper exposure leaving the ISO at 200;
  3. spend time studying each of the photos, delete the obvious over/under exposures, out of focus, etc, keep the best in one file
  4. select a second of your subjects and repeat items two and three;
  5. go back to your first subject and repeat the photo session but, change backgrounds, do the same for your second subject; compare all photos together, selecting the best photo of the two subjects;

After doing this for two weeks, comparing the photographs, you should be able to select four good pictures that represent the two subjects, or maybe four subjects.  Next round I will review the f/16 rule.


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