Early history of Kingman, AZ

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Kingman, AZ

The US War Department directed Lt E.F. Beale of the US Navy to chart and build a road across the southern tier of states along the 35th Parallel, and to test the feasibility of using camels as a mode of transport.  Lt. Beale traveled through the Kingman area in 1857, and built a part of the road in 1859.You may find remnants of the old wagon road in White Cliffs Canyon; Beale Springs is named after the surveyor and engineer.

The Town of Kingman was founded in 1862 when Arizona was still a territory.  The town was a siding and stop along the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad during those early years; the town was named for Lewis Kingman, a surveyor for the railroad.  Kingman became the county seat after several transfers between Mojave City (1864-67), Hardyville (1867),  Cerbat (1873)< Mineral Park (1877-76) and Kingman in 1887.

More about Kingman soon.

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