You and your camera.

January 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Now that you have all of the wonderful equipment you need for your new hobby or avocation, what's next?

Your first objective is to make yourself extremely familiar with your camera, and what it is capable of accomplishing.  This means you MUST read the instruction manual and become intimately familiar with ALL of the functions of the camera. I have made a copy of my camera manual by accessing the manufacturers web site, and downloading a copy of the manual to print it as an 8-1/2x11 copy, placed the pages in sheet protectors, and in a ring binder, it is in the car with me for reference.  

Now, take a tour of your home with your camera. photograph each room, then upload to your computer and study each image:

  • is it sharp and in focus?
  • are the colors vibrant?
  • is there enough/too much contrast?
  • lastly, does it tell what each room is?

​​Keep the good ones, delete the rest.  Now do the same for the garage, the front yard, side yards, and backyard.  There are several reasons for keeping these photos in a file, and archived on your computer, more will be understandable as time passes.

Next time - what do you want photos of?


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