Improving your photography - the camera

January 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Improving your photography

I have discussed the equipment you might consider for your photography, but not in depth.  I will begin with that side of your hobby/avocation in this blog, beginning with your camera.

I do not recommend a “full automatic” camera, including those available for your smart phone.  Yes, there are apps for camera smart phones that add to your abilities to adjust the input of your photos.

Therefore, find a camera that provides you the ability to adjust these basic three items:

  1. ISO – the ‘film’ speed; low numbers mean greater detail, high ISO numbers allow you to shoot in lower light, but add grain and noise to the photo
  2. Shutter speed – low numbers (1/30 sec and lower) provide motion blur, and low light capabilities; high numbers (1/125 and higher) stop the motion
  3. f/stop or aperture, control light, and also the depth of field

These three items allow you to create a different feel in your photos, from stopping the movement of a race car, to allowing the blur of the water as it drops over a waterfall; from having only the focal point in focus, and blurry in front an behind that point or the whole photo being in focus.

These are the primary controls you have over the photos you take.  Please find a good camera with these three controls available; do not depend on icons of flowers, or a runner to provide these controls.  In future blogs I will explain more about the individual controls in more depth.


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