Camera and Tripods in HDR

January 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

More About HDR

Planning a photo shoot of HDR images requires several items, number one is a camera that is able to take multiple shots of the same scene and changing the exposure vales; second is a solid tripod.  The change in the exposure values is a matter of being able to preset an AEV (automatic exposure value) in the camera, or to manually adjust each shot (difficult).  You will take the photos with the same f stop, say f16, but you will change (or via AEV) the shutter speed; this allows the same focal point in each frame.  With respect to the tripod, I even add four to five pounds of weight on the center post to help stabilize the camera from any movement; to aid in prevention of camera movement, use the mirror lockup if the camera is so equipped.

Next time, more on HDR photo programs.


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