Kelso - way station during World War II

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Union Pacific's railroad yards and depot were busy places during the war.  The helper engines shuttling back and forth for trains heading north up the Cima grade.  The engine crews grabbing a meal in the "Beanery" (the lunch counter), soldiers trying to get a cup of coffee or sandwich, and the track crews heading out on their daily schedules, or on an emergency call, made Kelso a busy place.  Being forty or more miles away from any small town made for interesting evenings entertainment.  Of course there were the baseball games, or a little basketball; the kids played marbles, the adults read thee newspapers, or the latest paperback 'dime' novels; some tended gardens; and all spent time listening to the radio for the latest war news, though the reception could be difficult since the closest radio station was in Barstow, CA for most of the war.

Well, more another day, and a look at the post-war era.

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